Mobilicity was created as Capoco reached its 25th anniversary. After a quarter of a century, designing and developing public transport systems around the world, the concept was to imagine the optimum solution for urban travel in another 25 years, so in the year 2027.
Our partners in this adventure were the Royal College of Art in London. Their fresh approach, using a whole new mind-set compared to traditional commercial projects, addressed the challenge with great imagination. The program combined extensive user studies across three global cities with expert workshops tapping into a wide range of disciplines. Their process of back-casting (or retropolation) sought to find the future ideal solution and then back track to explore the required delivery route.
The following stages have continued to address these same points, plus the ever-growing issues of local air quality, congestion, global emissions, climate change and the accelerating depletion of the world’s resources. Over the past 15 years, the Mobilicity approach has become quickly more valid and much more deliverable. The electric drive and autonomous operation have moved from the fanciful to the familiar.
The huge benefits of clean, collective transport are now becoming clear and Mobilicity is an optimum solution to deliver this promise.