The mobilicity system

The mobilicity system is a revolutionary new approach to public transport in large metropolitan areas and other sites that require fast and flexible personal mobility. It uses automated vehicles running within an Intelligent Transport System, or ITS, which controls all the global system operational aspects, such as on-demand routing, service frequency and total route capacity.

These system parameters include both route priorities and available passenger volume by controlling the vehicle allocation. The multiple vehicle 'platooning', when the vehicles run in trains up to a maximum of six units, are capable of carrying up to 144 passengers, so the same as an articulated bus or tram.

The on-board systems control the local speed and direction under the global network. These guidance systems are supplemented by hazard protection including pedestrian sensing, detection of road surface anomalies and collision avoidance.

Numerous case studies have been developed for the following applications:

  • City precincts
  • Hotel complexes
  • Sporting venues
  • Airports
  • Expo zones
  • Theme parks [privacy policy]