The mobilicity vehicle

The mobilicity vehicle is an automated passenger vehicle, operating within a 'smart control' transport service environment. The vehicle is 5.0 metres long and the passenger capacity ranges from 12 all seated, up to 24 including standees. The vehicle characteristics are covered by the specification available on the download page.

The development program has developed three generations of design configuration. The extensive R & D program was closely related to the creation of the 3D CAD virtual reality prototype vehicle. It uses an aluminium space frame clad with composite body panels. The chassis equipment uses independent air suspension on both front and rear axles, with both these axles being capable of steering using electric actuation.

The prototype test vehicles will assess a number of design features including the interior and exterior packaging, the accessibility plus the basic functional vehicle aspects. This phase will also include the initial development of the sophisticated electronic control systems. These innovative Control and Navigation, or C’n’N, systems allow the pods to operate safely and efficiently in a wide range of service environments.