The 2006 design program was the third generation Mobilicity vehicle. It was an evolution from the first RCA concept version and the second design, which was based on the engineering solution and legislative requirements. The design was exhibited at the 2006 North American Auto Show in Detroit, where it was awarded an Outstanding Design Prize by Michelin.

The same design demonstrated its remarkable innovation and forward thinking by being awarded another prestigious prize in 2012. This was winning the Urban Mobility Technology Challenge, held by the LowCVP, the organisation responsible for promoting low carbon mobility.

The vehicle design continues to develop the three strands of the project – the control system , the electric drive and also the physical vehicle platform. The vision of the original brief is becoming ever clearer as, whilst the automotive platform has been honed in great detail, now the electric & electronic aspects on the drive and guidance systems are leaping ahead as the rest of the vehicle world catches up in these areas.

Mobilicity is well on track to offer affordable, clean and efficient urban mobility, across city-wide areas, by the year 2027; the exact target set back in 2002!

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